Sunday, December 1, 2013



Sunday, December 1, 2013

I had a colleague in Reno, Nevada who came to work one day and announced that they were no longer going to watch or listen to the news. He was just tired of hearing what a mess all the inhabitants of the world were in and that the news in no way brightened his day When he watched the news he was left with depressing feelings and shattered hope.

At various times over the years Kathleen and I have had ‘the world is in such a mess’ discussions. At times it is she who counters with words of reassurance and good cheer, pointing out a few bright spots in the dismal picture. At times I become that voice. It is probably a good thing that one of us always finds a need to shine some light in the darkness, otherwise we might sink into an abyss.

We have used the argument that it may not be all the peoples of the world who are in a mess, but only the leaders (Which is by the way a very old argument found over and over again in the books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles in the Old Testament). “And King _________ (fill in the blank) sinned and did not follow in the footsteps of King David and caused Israel to sin.” The sad experiences, found in the scriptures, teach us that blaming the leaders is about as valid an argument and does about as much good in bringing about a solution to the world’s problems as blaming the Devil for our own foolishness.

Any arguments which point to the leaders as the root of our problems can quickly be put to rest by the counter argument which is also supplied by the nightly news. A murder, a couple of rapes, senseless destruction by arson or graphitic taggers quickly helps us realize that individuals among masses are also adding to the blackness of the cloud which seems to thicken with each passing day.

Frequently our discussion is brought to a temporary conclusion with the standby clincher, “I’m grateful that at least we can find peace from within and make our home a bastian of peace through the strength generated from our belief in our Savior.

The discussion may be brought to a conclusion, but often the turmoil in my mind finds no place of settling.

If belief in the Savior is indeed the answer:

Why do we find couples who claim to be believers deciding the only solution to their discorded-ness is a termination of their wedding vows?

Why do we find siblings who claim the scriptures to be the foundation of their beliefs who will no longer communicate with one another because of some long ago offense?

Why do we find pockets of church goers standing in chapel corners excitedly, verbally destroying the reputation of a fellow congregant?

Why do we read the words of parishioners, hidden by the veil of social media, spewing hatred upon others because of their place of birth, political party, pigmentation or social status?

We are left to conclude that one or all of the following possibilities might be true:

The Messenger (Savior) must not have been what he claimed to be.


The message he proclaimed must not be true, or does not translate into real life situations.


We find the message inconvenient, unpopular or counter to the way we choose to live our lives.

Whether watching the news or walking daily in our own shoes, we quickly become aware:

It doesn't take a very extensive search to discover those around us who have chosen to abandon the teachings of the Savior because they have accepted one or all of the forgoing possibilities as a reality for themselves.

An honest search of the days we have put behind us, or are yet to come, would probably reveal moments when we too have lapses of belief or behaviors which betray our proclamations of belief.

I suspect we have all had moments when the emotions we have had during some of the hours of our days have fallen far short of being a fulfillment of the Lord’s promises to those who would follow the Plan of Happiness.

As Tevia who felt like a Fiddler on the Roof said, “on the other hand”…

(To be continued)


  1. "(To be continued)" and warmly anticipated.

    Paul Maddox

  2. Indeed why are we not better, knowing what we do? Tevia also asked "why me ?".
    When we get back from the Islands, we must talk, hurray up with the follow up of this piece.


    Paul Hansen

  3. Thanks. Waiting for the continuation. .....

    Patricia Profitt



    Presidente, gracias este mensaje me llego en un momento tan oportuno, gracias por el tiempo que toma para darnos estos mensajes que nos fortalecen.



  5. clarita torres gonzales
    To Me
    Dec 1 at 4:48 PM
    .-Gracias por tan bonito es cierto.estos dias estan dificiles y como humanos sentimos temor e incertidumbre.......porque cada dia los seres humanos se estan volviendo mas insencibles..y es una lucha no dejarnos llevar a lo mismo..

    feliz semana

    clarita torres gonzales

  6. thanks President! a bright thought to brighten my day....:)

    Brodie Wood

  7. :) need to remember that today! It's all worth it! I love you both! :)

    Brooke Riley

  8. LOVE THAT TALK! and I LOVE YOUR THOUGHT! such a smart fam! :)

    Brooke Riley

  9. I am glad this is "to be continued". for the negative in the world is so often the main topic of news, The positive in the world is what keeps hope alive. The sure testimony that the Savior does rule and reign, and will do so in person is the one thing that can keep a positive attitude among all the negative occurences, Family love can be kept no matter what. These positive factor helps me concentrate on the positive. Tevia's "oh the other hand" is great when we do have the best "on the other hand" around us always through the Lord's spirit. Unlike Scarlet"s "I'll think about it tomorrow" we can consider difficult situations, and have His help resolving negatives. OK, thanks for keeping me thinking about why I have positives in my life, and being more grateful always.

    Jean Seavey