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When we were in the seminar for new Mission Presidents, in the latter part of June, 1991, one of the presenters told us that missionaries weren't called to go out to teach people new concepts and doctrines, but their success would come as they helped people have an experience where they were able to realize they had heard what the was being taught before and that these things were being brought back to their remembrance.

What an interesting concept, that Eternal truths are learned best in mortality when they are accompanied with the feeling of knowing we had learned these things before at another time in another place and are now brought to our minds as a remembrance by the Holy Spirit.

I have written previously about the enlightenment, or probably a remembrance, which came to me while I was teaching a class from Elder Henry B. Eyring’s book, To Draw Closer to God, about joy being that sensation which comes upon Heavenly Father’s children when the veil is penetrated slightly and memories of ‘then and there’ flood upon us for brief moments. I have come to feel that this is the joy which Lehi was talking about when he proclaimed, ‘Man is that he might have joy.’ (Book of Mormon, 2nd Nephi 2:25)

Though the moments may be brief and all too infrequent during our mortal span, they should be cherished and written down so they can be referenced during those days when dark clouds make the penetration of heaven sent light near impossible.

That joy, which comes most powerfully when we are being blessed with remembrances of our Heavenly home, may come:

Sitting in a primary class on a Wednesday afternoon after school, as your thoughts wandered when the teacher held up a picture of Jesus blessing little children

Lying on a bed with rheumatic fever listening as your mortal father pronounced heaven sent words about the healing of your body and the expectations of another Father

In a Sacrament Meeting when a returning missionary speaking of the spiritual experiences of his last few years sent your mind futuring to a time when you would be called to serve

Sitting knee to knee with a revered servant of God as the meaning of true repentance first sent the cleansing tingling effects of true repentance through your body

Lying on the top bed of a three level bunk bed and receiving the assurance that your call to serve brothers and sisters in a foreign land had not only come from Heavenly Father’s prophet servant, but also from Heavenly Father

When, for the first time, you were able to truthfully and boldly proclaim that The Book of Mormon is the word of God and Joseph Smith was indeed a prophet of God

Standing in a humble adobe home in a foreign country placing trembling hands on a fevered forehead and feeling the cooling beneath your hands as words entered your mind and slid from your mouth in quivering, healing phrases

Kneeling across the alter from your earthly love and being assured that this love was but an extension of feelings which started long ago and would extend forever more

Holding your recent born offspring and being assured from whence they so recently came and almost overwhelmed by the trust your Heavenly Father had extended to you

Laying hands on a son whose mortal continuance was beyond the current knowledge of earth bound children, but whose cure was totally possible by a Heavenly Father

Laying hands on a troubled young women and knowing without doubt that her Heavenly Mother’s love was comforting her when she felt she had no one on earth who could provide such needed comfort

Standing in a classroom of loved students and realizing you were delivering an unplanned, but needed thought to someone whom you might never realize was in need that day

Sitting across from troubled young missionaries who had fallen into despair and feeling inadequate and having the privilege of catching a glimpse of how they were viewed by a loving Heavenly Father and what He knew about the great contributions which awaited them

Having privileges and opportunities which increased and amplified those moments when the veil became very thin

Being in an earthly empty nest with that person who you were assured time and again would be the one who would make you complete though out all eternity

Those words most often spoken by the Master and first found in Matthew 7:7, 8, ‘Ask and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.’, should fill each of us with an abundance of hope and when we allow it, the love of our Heavenly Parents to penetrate the veil as we ask, seek and knock to fill us with everlasting joy.

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