Sunday, November 1, 2015


Having postulated in last week’s Thought for a Sabbath Day, that delay in the coming forth of a Zion Society isn't because of a shortage of wickedness, but more likely because the principles upon which such a society must be established are lacking.

Hopefully, having also established that I should not be looking outward, but inward, for the changes which are needed if I wish to eliminate the most obvious blockage to such a utopia coming into reality, which of course are the changes needed in my personal character and behavior.

Some preliminary observations:

The fundamental rules of a Zion Society are remarkably simple; however, the change in characteristics, attitudes and behavior seems to be made up of hurdles so high that most of us cannot make the leap.

Talking and teaching the principles of a Zion Society have always been much easier than the living of the principles.

Most inhabitants of this world who have hopes for the establishment of a Zion Society have given up any hope of it coming to fruition short of cataclysmic intervention by Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus the Christ.

Sadly, we must all come to the realization that the Savior cannot come again until there is an established Society of Zion people.

If I am to make the required changes, each day must include another step in the right direction and backsliding must be avoided.

A partial examination of a few of the hurdles which must be breached:

1. Stewardship/Ownership

Even the beginning novice investigating cultural beginnings will quickly come to the conclusion that at one time or another all of us had ancestors who believed the relationship between humans and mother earth was one of stewardship, not ownership.

This stewardship relationship has been renewed in my own psyche during the last few months as we have enjoyed many hours of programing from the First Nation Television network.

The foundation of this stewardship principle is that the earth and all that is upon it belong to the Creator, not to the created.

Humans can no more take ownership of a tree or a parcel of ground than they can of the sunshine or the wind.

That each of us has an inherent duty to care for Father’s creation and increase its bounty to the best of our ability.

The abundance of the harvest is to be shared equally according to need, and a needful portion is to be given to those who cannot contribute to the producing effort. (widows, orphans, elderly etc.)

Personal challenges: Subdue pride, greed, selfishness, idleness – Put on attributes of humility, selflessness, charity, trust, value of work!

2. Cooperation/Competition

I can no more deny the contribution that competition has made to the world we live in as nation has competed against nation, city against city or person against person than I can deny our very existence.

However, because one path has led to success does not mean that greater success would not have been achieved if another path had been chosen instead.

Along with every step forward which has been achieved for the increase in the quality of life which many enjoy, some have been stepped on, as others have clamored up the ladder.

As in all things, the pattern which has been given by a loving Father should not be ignored if we are ever to maximize the potential of the whole. In his kingdom, when all is being done as has been revealed, men and women do not compete to be president, bishop or apostle, but a spirit of cooperation must prevail throughout each organization, recognizing equally the efforts of each member, if its destiny is to be fulfilled.

Thankfully, there are even worldly organizations which are discovering that cooperative decision making and shared workloads in groups yield greater productivity than groups founded on competition.

Personal Challenges: Subdue pride, natural man, cultural learning, micro vision – Put on humility, edification of others, macro vision!

These first two principles haven't yet moved me to give up on humanity, but I do realize that our outline of what we need to change in our lives has just begun, and the actualizing of those principles into our lives will require many days with many steps forward.


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