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Having written about our days of probation during our pre-mortal estate we will now consider the two remaining periods of our preparatory periods leading up to our final resurrected state.


I am now into the early 400s of the Thoughts I have written, which have abundantly covered the importance I place on the choices we make and how we treat one another during this mortal period of our eternal existence.

I have also explained in the earlier parts of this look at Heavenly Father’s plan how I feel about the illogical and unjust position of thinking that all of our post-mortal existence hinges on what happens to us during mortality.

Therefore, I will just add some thoughts on the scripture found in Doctrine and Covenants 82:3.

For of him unto whom much is given much is required; and he who sins against the greater light shall receive the greater condemnation.

There you have it. That little boy who was born in Idaho, taught the gospel by goodly parents, received a degree in Ancient and Modern Scripture and taught the word of the Lord most of his days will find that his mortal preparatory phase counts for a great deal more than that boy who lived his few mind destroying, glue sniffing days living in the sewers of Bogota, Colombia, or that child of Heavenly Father who spends but brief moments in this mortal sphere.

For behold, and also his blood atoneth for those who have fallen by the transgression of Adam, who have died not knowing the will of God concerning them, or who have ignorantly sinned. (Book of Mormon – Mosiah 3: 11)

It seems that Benjamin was well aware that there are adjustments made for whatever short period of our eternal existence we each spend in mortality and the circumstances which attend those days.

It should be comforting for all of us to realize that the perfect justice of our Heavenly Father’s plan makes allowance for all contingencies of his children’s varying experiences during their eternal existence and provides us hope not only for our own past, present and future probationary periods, but for that of all our brothers and sisters who will spend whatever time they are given and in whatever circumstances we find ourselves during this mortal phase of our eternal lives.


Brigham Young, the prophet of God who led the latter-day-saints to their home in the tops of the mountains, once gave a sermon in which he stated that it wouldn't surprise him if it took millions upon millions of years as we count them, after he had passed from mortality, before he would be prepared for his final resurrection.

While I have little doubt that I will in no way be prepared to handle all that my Father wishes to bestow upon me, it gives me great comfort to understand He will still have His arms of grace and mercy outstretched to gather me in during my next estate.
It seems to me that all of us will continue our education and preparation long after we lay our mortal aside. The only questions seem to be what class room we will be in and whether we will be instructing or receiving instruction.

Joseph F. Smith who was at the time the senior living apostle of the Lord on the earth, had the eyes of his understanding opened and the Spirit of the Lord rest upon him and he was privileged to glimpse the conditions which exist in the Spirit World or that world where our preparation for our final resurrection continues.

Among the things he saw were: (Doctrine and Covenants 138)

Heavenly Father’s children arrive there in an immense diversity of stages of progress.

The fullness of the gospel will be preached by those who have been commissioned.

The gospel of the redemption will be taught to all of the dead.

Agency will continue to affect the progression of Heavenly Father’s children.

Through this expanded preparatory period the great work which is done in the Temples of the Lord will plant in the hearts of the children the promises made to the fathers.

Those who repent will be redeemed and they will become heirs of salvation.

It is of little wonder that Neil Maxwell, after suffering from the effects of battling cancer during the last few years of his life, declared that he was looking forward to the day which would shortly come when he could get off of the bench and back into the action. There is no doubt in my mind; he is among those whom the Prophet Joseph F. Smith saw who were appointed messengers, clothed with power and authority, and commissioned to go forth and carry the light of the gospel to the spirits of men.

I am struck with the foolishness of men who are so quick to give up on themselves and their brothers and sisters. If our loving, merciful Father who is full of grace continues eternally in his efforts to bring to pass the immortality and eternal lives of his children, why then would we give up the hope which will keep us trying. Why would we ever give up trying when our Heavenly Father never will?

(To be continued)



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