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I don’t know how I got into the sixth installment of this Thought. I am now ‘way beyond the ideas which were included in the talk I prepared for Sacrament Meeting several months back.

Oh, I remember, Kathleen had asked me if I thought there might be those who would use the principles connected with Heavenly Father’s work and glory to bring to pass the eternal life of His children being on going and everlasting, as an excuse to not get involved in worrying about working on positive progression during mortality.

During last week’s Thought I spent some time writing about how there might be some areas beyond well-defined commandments, which those of us who have been blessed with our three score and ten and beyond, to worry about processing during this mortal probationary period. I wrote a few lines about one of those areas which is the test of how we choose to use our time, talents and resources.

The other principle which I believe we as a people who have been given much need to be more diligent is in our ‘Watch. I will refer to this as the principle of ‘inclusion’ versus ‘exclusion.’

Since the beginning of the recounting of mankind’s comings and goings started to be traced on walls and scribbled on skins, our ancestors have left evidence that all generations have struggled with the concept of ‘them’ versus ‘us’.

Just as I stated when discussing time, talents and resources I feel that the choices we make concerning who will be included in our tribe and who will be excluded is likewise one of those difficult to define, but, nevertheless, is one of those universal laws which by its nature is included into all of the laws and the prophets.

The number of scriptural verses which advocate the principle of Heavenly Father’s children becoming one are numerous and I admonish a prayerful searching be done by us all. I think it will not be a stretch to believe that one of the conclusions we will come to in this study, will be all the laws and the prophets have been given for the purpose of helping all of ‘them’ become all of ‘us.’

It would be laughable if it were not so sad to consider principles of darkness the adversary has used to divide and put into factions the brothers and sisters of our Eternal Father.

The number of books we have read – The name of the institution of higher learning we attended – The shade of our pigmentation – The height of the steeple on the building where we worship – The label attached to the garments which cover our nakedness – The side of the mountain or river we were born on – The size of wall we have built to keep others out!!

The list could be extensively added to; however, I have promised myself I will not write a seventh Thought in this series.

It seems that if a reason to exclude someone from our circle of inclusion does not exist we will use our imaginations to make one up. Even with the aid of the marvelous cyber helps we have it is almost impossible to keep up with the formation of groups, which are built up to identify someone’s exclusiveness and thereby become another neighbor excluding organization.

The Lord’s answer to the question in Luke 10, which had been asked by one seeking to find a formula to be able to live the commandment to love your neighbor one of exclusion, after giving the parable of the Good Samaritan, gave his answer with a question of His own.

Which now of these three, thinketh thou, was neighbor unto him that fell among thieves?

And he (the one who had asked the first question) said, He that shewed mercy on him.

Then said Jesus unto him, Go and do thou likewise.
(New Testament – Luke 10:36, 37)

I sincerely believe as we attempt to be more inclusive of all of Heavenly Father’s children in disseminating our time, talents and resources, we will find ourselves closer to fulfilling the purpose of our mortal probationary period.

A recap of the principles covered during the past six weeks of Thoughts

Another Look at Heavenly Father’s Eternal Plan

1. There was neither beginning nor will there be any end to the
declared work of our Heavenly Father to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of His children.

2. If Heavenly Father is unwilling to end His work on our behalf, then neither should we cease our progressive efforts.

3. Every moment of our pre-mortal, mortal and post-mortal states is a preparatory day. Therefore, whatever state in which we find ourselves we need to be fully engaged in the practices of preparation for our eternal state.

4. Only by extending the days of our preparation can we truly appreciate the meaning and extent of the mercy of the Father and His Son.

5. The work done in the Houses of The Lord would have little meaning if His work didn't exist before mortality and didn't extend beyond mortality.

6. Those who have the blessing of long mortal lives and who have been given much need to take full advantage of this privilege and opportunity to add to their eternal progression.

7. The use of our time, talents, and resources as well as how inclusive we are in our brotherhood and sisterhood may be a major part of living the First and Second great commandments which are founded on a Christ like love.

My prayer is that, even with our limited vision and meager understanding of our Heavenly Father’s Eternal Plan we will refrain from putting the walls and borders of mortality around the Eternal-ness and Everlasting-ness of His work and His glory.



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