Sunday, July 3, 2016


It wasn't really on our bucket list, but Kathleen and I count the times we have traveled and lived in countries other than our birth nation among our greatest blessings. Visiting other lands will never supplant our family or our love for our Savior and Heavenly Father on our blessing list, but it will be found pretty high.

Some of the fruits of our travels include such things as:

Learning there is cultural richness to be found among all people of all nations.

Learning love for another is not always found among those of similar pigmentation and dress.

Learning lasting memories can be made in minutes or in months.

I have also come to believe that it takes but a limited amount of time upon this little sphere for a person to conclude that the Lord speaking through the prophets of the Book of Mormon was correct when He pronounced the
Americas to be the promised land which was choice above all lands.

Likewise, while living in lands outside of the United States of America, one pretty quickly comes to the realization that the ‘American Experiment’ based on democratic principles and governed as a representative republic has produced a nation which stands unique among the current and historical nations of this planet.

The national and most blatant deficiencies of the United State of America seem to pale as they are compared to even some of the more successful efforts of our intercontinental neighbors.

The poor and the needy of this nation, although they exist in far too great a number and we need to unitedly and increasingly continue lending our efforts to make their lot better, seldom if ever, when given the choice, would choose to change places with their peers who reside in other lands.

Although our national government has undoubtedly swollen beyond the bounds of the founders original intent, we witness few of our citizenry ever elevating their discontent beyond vocal-ness or immigrating across borders or to far off shores.

Although we seldom find complete contentment with those we have chosen to lead our Cities, States and the Nation, the wisdom of the founding fathers seems to have cemented checks and balances into the system so that absolute authoritative abuse has not become a dominant characteristic.

As I ponder the wonders of the country I was blessed to be born into as a citizen, and as the positives on the comparative list continue to swell and grow, I am moved to the point of amazement that the constant moaning of the vocal minority, seems to give additional license to the silent majority to continue to act as if passive appreciation is among the guaranteed rights of the blessed.

Perhaps the hour has come when the silent majority must un-muffle themselves and vocalize the value they place on the attributes of our system of government and recognize its virtues to be unparalleled in historical or contemporary societies.

Perhaps the hour has come when the silent majority must un-muffle themselves and become vocal advocates of the American Dream which drew our families to its shores and continues to attract new settlers who wish to enjoy the blessings of our communities.

Perhaps the hour has come when the silent majority must un-muffle themselves and cease to be apologetic about the system which has brought about this great society and shout to the world about the rightness of this way of life.

Perhaps our citizenry needs to unite and become Evangelistic about what we might call Americanism.

Americanism is a collective term which defines the triumph of the human spirit over adversity.

Americanism is a collective term for people who value freedom and justice for all regardless of heritage or station.

Americanism is a collective term describing sacrificing mothers and fathers who left their homes because of dreams of a brighter tomorrow for their children and came to these shores.

Americanism is a collective term which portrays a melting pot where the hopeful of the world are striving to someday blend into a harmonious oneness.

Americanism is a collective term for those who appreciate a land blessed by God with richness, resources and fertility.

Americanism is a collective term used to express the hope of every child born in a log cabin that they can rise above their birthright.
Indeed we are blessed to live in a country where individuals have always looked to the future as a place of opportunity and brightness.

Today might just be that moment in time when each of us once again determines in our hearts, minds and souls that that which has happened in the past is but a foundation for the future which lies ahead.

I hold it as truth, whether it has been written in documents or by worthy mentors upon our minds, that it is one of the fundamental duties that the citizenship of this nation has to enlighten the world about the wonderfulness of the Representative Republic of the United States of America. In the words of Abraham Lincoln ‘this nation is the last best hope on earth’.

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