Friday, December 30, 2016



Some responses are ‘way too easy to predict:

No matter how good someone looks – a flaw will be found
Whatever anyone does no matter how sincere the intention – someone will find some fault

No matter how perfect the temperature is – there will be those who say it is either too hot or too cold

No matter how beautiful the melody – someone will say that Christmas music started too early or they are already tired of it and it isn’t even December.

It is this last predictable phenomenon which I want to write about today. I admit that I am writing this before having destroyed my resolution to be temperate at the Thanksgiving table, but I have already heard or read several comments about someone being in such and such store and they were ALREADY playing Christmas music, giving this pronouncement the same inflection they would if aliens had invaded the planet and were demanding we give them the earth’s entire parsnip (or something we might actually miss if it were taken away) production or we would all be destroyed.

I find it interesting when we consider all the noises which fill our lives during the vast majority of the days of any given year, such as: the woofers from the pickup sitting next to us at a red light – the bickering blaring from political partisans – raucous roars from fanatics – and countless other squealings which uninvited unceasingly bombard our personal space.

Many who somehow find themselves in a somewhat silenced minority, welcome the peaceful and pleasant sounds which deliver the traditional carols and hymns to our environment and aren’t really very excited about the invasion of modern attempts to add to the music of the season in a way which often gives no respite from the hearing-destroying decibels which surround us throughout the rest of the year.

I long ago cast my lot with those who find the traditional carols and hymns of Christmas to be a welcome relief and therefore do their best to extend the soothing season as long as possible.

I gratefully welcome these limited days when to some degree:

The rattling of swords and rumblings of tanks – are softened by the soundings of joy by saints and angels, removing curses, making blessings flow

Music being rapped, screamed and bellowed – is being replaced by choirs of angels singing in exaltation, stimulating thoughts of adoration

Sarcastic, debunking, yelling talk show hosts – are momentarily quieted by joyous strains prolonged, reminding all to bend their knees with the shepherds of long ago

Spinning words of political proponents – are stilled by silent nights bringing love’s pure light

Crude slogans spewed by sports participants and supporters – silenced by the lowing of cattle joined by stars looking down from Heaven quietly proclaiming He is forever near and forever loves us

Constant clamor of congested highways – is calmed by glorious songs of old played on harps of gold, floating Heavenly music

Blaring televisions – are hushed as morning light praises the King and brings peace to men on earth

Bustlings of big box stores – are made mute by angelic hosts proclaiming a chance for second birth

Cramed calendars and agendas – are replaced by sharing the delight of wise men of old, spreading holy peace in all the earth

Screeching sirens – are made soundless by the beginning of the joyful song, never to cease, all glory to God on high

Sky invading crafts’ sonic sounds – are softened by angels singing strains sublime of redeeming love far away on Judea’s plains

Therefore, let the first Noel continue both day and night so that all may hear bells peal loud and clear, a chime sublime of peace on earth good will to men.



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