Sunday, July 9, 2017


Thoughts from the meandering mind of a charter member of the Non Political Party Party (N3P)

Long before the ‘Ugly American’ was born there was a land called ‘America the Beautiful’.

Long before the ‘Imperialistic Capitalist’ reared its beastly head there was an ‘America the land of golden opportunity’.

Long before America became ‘a Land of Bigotry’ it was a land which welcomed ‘the tired, the poor and hungry’ of the world.

I am not wise enough to know what America is going to be like in 50 years. In fact, I am not sure I really can tell you what America is like today. However, I do believe I have observed enough to know that the America I live in today is very different than the America I grew up in 60 years ago.

Why have we become a hiss and a byword to citizens of countries who once fought side by side with our fathers to protect freedom and establish peace?

Why do many nations now look elsewhere for leadership, who once had a constant eye upon the ‘Great American Experiment’?

Why do nations prefer to exchange goods with one another while reveling in the plight of the dwindling national treasury of the once revered economy of ‘Uncle Sam’?

With all the shifting away from being an example to the nations I suspect many have taken the easy path by extending the pointer finger, away from our once gleaming shores and towards other nations mumbling epitaphs about jealousy and ingratitude of have-not welfare nations.

The day may have come in which an in-depth introspection into the makeup of the today’s American citizenry might be overdue and appropriate. I don't think it will surprise any of us that we will discover that a dramatic dip has taken place in the national level of integrity which corresponds to the dip our nation has taken in international relationships.

As it is in most cases it would be easiest to use that pointy finger away from ourselves and direct the blame on the craftiness which has enveloped the governing institutions of our nation. But, even a simple search of our own domiciles, will quickly reveal there has been a drastic dip in personal integrity which probably parallels the characteristics of our publicans.

The following personal integrity evaluation could cause some pain, so if you wish to skip this section of this Thought it will be understandable.

Do I – Take home paper, pencils or other items from the abundant supply at work for personal use?

Do I – Present another person’s ideas as my own in order to advance my reputation?

Do I – Call in sick just because I am sick of my job??

Do I – Write a check or charge an item when I know I don't have enough money to pay for the purchases?

Do I – Borrow from a neighbor and return less than I borrowed?

Do I – Sell defective goods or charge for work not done?

Do I – Over estimate deductions in reporting my income to the government?

Do I – Rob my neighbor of their virtue and reputation through rumors and gossip?

Do I – Try to aggrandize myself by manipulating the feelings of others?

Do I – Judge the character of another by some distinguishing characteristic?

Do I – Determine the size of my inclusive circle?

Do I – Etc. Etc. Etc…

I long ago came to the understanding that my ability to make macro changes in the world fell in the realm of impossibility, but I have also come to know that micro changes within the confines of my own soul are possible.

Maybe the America which seemed a little bit better in those days of yore could possibly regain some of its brightness if each of us were to pay the price to regain some of our personal integrity.

*America is used instead of United States of America – With apologies to all those who live in the other nations of North and South America.



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