Sunday, May 13, 2012


Life’s wonders seem to be unlimited. Even as we learn more and more about man, nature and the universe, the mystery grows and expands.

One recent marvel which furrowed my brow is the apparent propensity we have to become less productive as our ability increases and our understanding broadens.

It seems strange that when we are young and striving we produce beyond our knowledge and capacities; but as we gain experience and knowhow, many of us generate an attitude of ‘being owed,’ and our productivity slackens well below our capabilities.

This same phenomenon which exists in vocations can also be observed within the walls of homes and in families.

As the difficulties of child birth have been alleviated somewhat and infant mortality has declined dramatically, the number of children welcomed into families has decreased significantly.

As technological gadgets have made our homes convenient beyond the imaginations of royalty of ages past, the art of homemaking is declining daily.

As the mysteries of successful child rearing are unfolded and revealed to more and more of the earth’s population, our children are with increasing frequency left to the overseer-ship of strangers.

Amid the throngs of humanity we here and there glimpse a ripple made by the valiant employee or the dedicated parent who chooses to stand against the tide of contentment, apathy and stewardship denial.

On the second Sunday in May, as we have continually done each year since Woodrow Wilson made his proclamation in 1914, we pause to give honor and respect to those mothers who are able to see beyond themselves and bring reverence to the title they bear.

I recognize that there is a creeping attempt to celebrate all women on this day, but I think that we can join with the rest of the world and have a day set apart as the Day of the Women, but I believe Mother’s Day should be reserved for those who have paid the sacrifices to so be called.

We venerate those mothers who so live that their children will forever associate that which is gracious and good, understanding and loving, attractive and worthy, with the calling of mother.

We reverence those mothers, who through sacrificing self, welcome infants into their lives, having entered into a sacred partnership with Heavenly Mother, through the process of tabernacling in flesh, their spirit children.

We esteem those mothers who safeguard their children, knowing where they are, with whom they travel and how far they wander and then welcoming them home with warming, embracing arms.

We honor those mothers whose training of children conveys a balance to their lives so that they are able to appreciate the religiousness of science and the logic of religion.

To all those women who could easily have become overburdened by the weightiness of motherhood but choose instead to continue to grow, we thank you on behalf of those yet unborn generations, those you currently nurture and those who are reaping the rewards of your efforts.

We gratefully acknowledge the honor you have earned. By working through your weariness you have perpetuated motherhood as the most beautiful of all arts, the grandest of all professions, the generator of all eternal relationships.

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