Sunday, July 26, 2009


As I have joyfully traveled through my past this last month while reuniting with so many wonderful and exciting people on FaceBook; it has been interesting to see what an inner related community we must be. I continually see surnames which appear regularly on the genealogy sheets of both my family and Kathleen's. The obvious surnames would be Riley, Law, Wootton and Barnard; but to these we can also quickly add such surnames as Butler, Roberts, Sessions, Holbrook, and Tolman and with each searched out generation the list grows grander and more inclusive.

One wonders what our common forefathers desired to leave as a legacy to their children and children's children as they sailed across oceans and stepped across plains and into the wonders of the industrial revolution. One wonders if they were in any way able to envision both the good and the evil which would spring from their discoveries and eventually evolve into our present complex society. Little is found in their writings about our present ecological problems of shortages and pollutions; nor the comfortable lives the treasures of the earth provide for us on a daily basis. Acid rain and renewable resources are concepts that would be incomprehensible to even the most learned of those of yesteryear's days; as well as the wireless communications we enjoy for both relationships and entertainment. What we do find in their libraries was a genuine concern over the rapid evaporation of basic human values. They worried about the true brotherhood of mankind, the deterioration of the family, honesty in business and rampant moral decay. They were constantly and with great alarm anxious about their ability to pass on true standards and attributes in perpetuity to their children.

As our families continue to become intertwined in this and future generations we might consider the foundations our own pioneering efforts are laying for a world that we now only dream of and are little able to comprehend. Perhaps as we debate the best way to solve the lighting and heating of our children – Perhaps as we increase their indebtedness through our unquenchable thirst – Perhaps as we continue to isolate democracy as a constitutional right of the rich – It might be well to also raise a voice of reformation in defense of those ideals which have been proclaimed as necessary social norms by those who so wisely speak to us from the past.

The din of discord demeaning the doctrines of the deceased are so deafening that we must speak consistently and clearly so that the seekers of the true way among the ever increasing alternative life styles will be able to distinguish the voice of the True Shepherd and be led to find His standard of truth.

That: True success in the professional world can only be achieved when founded upon honesty and integrity.

That: True happy social relationships will only be gained when they are framed in a family unit which is well grounded upon the teachings of the Savior.

That: Well intended social programs of personal and family reparation will never replace the excitement, joy, peace and comfort which will be the blessing to one who has heeded and followed the Savior's the counsel of living a moral, trustworthy and chaste life.

That: True brotherhood is bigger than bigotry based on pigmentation, age, social status or gender.

That: Accepting the commonality of mankind will be the only solution to those prejudices which bring hatred and division among Heavenly Father's children.

Hopefully as the generation of 2109 look back, as we do now, they will willingly give us honor for the proper dominion we have displayed as they enjoy fertile ground, green forests and blue lakes and the blessings of comfort they enjoy in their well lit and warm homes; but with magnified intensity we hope and aspire to the dream that they will offer veneration to our generation for the standards of truth and nobleness which we have steadfastly affirmed in word and deed.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


This may be the very hour when those who are enjoying the fruits of the gospel should uncloset themselves and begin allowing others to know the great secret:

That living as God would have us live fills our lives with happiness and joy.

That it is a myth that religion is restrictive and that true religion is the only path which leads to true and lasting freedom.

That living the gospel brings lasting peace and comfort to an individual and his family, and these blessings have the potential of perpetuating themselves from generation to generation.

That the wonders of Godliness can be felt inside of a Church building, as well as in the freshness of God's natural createdness.

That the doors of our houses of worship are flung widely open and none are to be excluded.

That the blessing of a peaceful life of an obedient gospel observer; frees one from the debilitating restraints which come as a result of contention, anger and hate.

That our wanting to share comes as a natural result to one whose life has been filled with the gladness that the gospel brings.

The hour has come when we must become positive promoters of the wonders of the Plan of Happines. We must never forget, our product is unexcelled. We can go forth with the sure knowledge that our efforts will do far more for the betterment of mankind than the "quick fix", " short remission" plans the world is continually trying to offer as the "ultimate" resolution to the world's ills.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Fathering is much more than a momentary act of husbandry.

Fatherhood is a title earned through respect and love, not given as a birthright.

Fathering is a life-long responsibility with eternal implications.

Fathering is coming to the realization that the most important work that a man can do in this life will be done in the sanctity of his home.

Fathers will teach many principles, but those which are most deeply learned are those implanted on the innocent eyes and ears as we share our daily lives.

Fatherhood is relationship sometimes glimpsed but little understood between the Supreme Creator and his children.

There is a great significance in the understanding that we mortals share the title of Father with He who is the common creator of all humankind. What awesomeness ought to be conjured in the mind when one contemplates the thought that Deity has given us a lab where we might practice this Eternal role which our Heavenly Father has so graciously shared with us, hopefully for more than just the brief moment of mortality.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Some thoughts as I ponder being a citizen of my country and how that citizenship fits in with my belief in the Universal Brotherhood of mankind.

What is it that I really believe about the meaning of patriotism?

How precious is peace to me?

What are the most effective means to safeguard lasting peace for our children?

When is a government performing effectual political acts which will lead to lasting peace?

When is the government becoming a deterrent or an aid to the growth of every individual?

How often do I fall into the trap of elevating selfish and meaningless pursuits at the peril of destroying peace with my peers?

Are my personal priorities balanced by the needs of the larger community in which I reside?

How often do the results of my efforts lead to meaningful and productive peace among men?

Amid the bunting and blare attending our celebration of we might all benefit from a few moments of contemplation; remembering that this is a day to become independent of shackles, a day to gain freedom from burdening restraints, a day of liberation from cowardly controls. We may eventually come to realize that one of the byproducts of seeking to become a publisher of peace is that we may also have made the principle of true our own.