Monday, April 30, 2018


An appropriate pause – before reacting to another’s emotions – may be the key – to becoming a properly sensitive person!! ----- One of the most powerful attributes we can attain – is gaining the ability to act – according to personal standards – rather than reacting – to outside stimuli!!

Sunday, April 29, 2018


There is little doubt what my answer has always been, is and will probably always be when I am asked if there are any of the opportunities I have had in life that I would just as soon not have had. There are times when I might hedge a bit being influenced by who it might be who is doing the asking, but the truthful answer will always be, the role of being asked to give counsel on an individual basis.

There will be many who attended my classes over the years, who will probably scoff at the thought of my being hesitant about giving counsel, but it was never a problem when I was in front of a class or speaking in public, it was just when I was in a one on one situation. The only difference I can put my finger on is during classes I was deciding on and distributing the advice in a general manner which students could do with what they wished. However, in those intimate sessions people wanted relevant and needed words.

Most of the counselling periods I endured usually started out with the counselee going through a litany of shortcomings and weaknesses which they wanted to overcome so that they would be able to have the same degree of success as they thought others were having. The list is too extensive to include all the handicaps, but they included too short, too tall, not enough education, too much education and there was a lot of being a product of poor parenting, never being understood, someone else having been born with a golden spoon in their mouth, just not having the spiritual capacity as others and on and on and on.

Although I usually multiplied words way beyond what was necessary they usually left with some sort of wisdom which would fall in one of the following areas: ‘God doesn’t make juke’ (this may or may not have been my own), ‘pull yourself up by your bootstraps’ (definitely one from my mother) or ‘there is nothing to be gained from comparing crosses’ (borrowed from Elder Neal A. Maxwell).

I am sure there was other abundant sage-ness given during the extensive opportunity I was given to be involved in these exchanges, but it always seemed to evolve from someone feeling they had been given the short end of the stick.

Here and there in his writings I get the feeling Nephi tires of his elder brothers’ constantly bemoaning the fact that they were not as favored by their earthly or Heavenly Parents as was Nephi. After having been visited by the angel and having had his father’s dream explained and expanded, he returned to his father’s tent to be greeted by his inquiring brothers who lamented in response to the Nephi’s question if they had inquired of the Lord, that ‘they had not; for the Lord maketh no such thing known unto us’. (1 Nephi 15: 9)

I am not fond of making absolute statements, but even though we may differ in stature, educational opportunities, familial experiences along with all the other differences we encounter in life, I know that the rules for receiving answers to our queries unto the Lord are equally and universally given freely to all when the proper conditions are met. It may be easier for someone of the stature of Goliath to excel in basketball and it may be easier for someone with a doctorate from Harvard to become CEO of some mega conglomerate, none of these qualify us for the blessing of continual inspiration from God. If my experience is typical, being blessed with gargantuan physicality or unusual educational degrees often becomes a deterrent to having the heaven’s opened and pure knowledge being showered upon one. It takes but a short experience among those the world considers the humble of the earth to come to the understanding that their communication with Heavenly Angels seems usual to them.

It has not been, is not, nor ever will be Heavenly Father who clogs the revelatory lines between Himself and His children, but it has been, is and always will be we who build up the barriers.

Following the woeful protestation of Laman and Lemuel of the Lord not including them in the universal link available to all of Heavenly Father’s children, Nephi gives the following formula which in just a few words explains why some do have this open communication and some don’t.

Behold, I said unto them: How is it that ye do not keep the commandments of the Lord? How is it that ye will perish, because of the hardness of your hearts? Do ye not remember the things which the Lord hath said?—If ye will not harden your hearts, and ask me in faith, believing that ye shall receive, with diligence in keeping my commandments, surely these things shall be made known unto you.
(1 Nephi 15: 10, 11)

Sadly, although we are reminded numerous times in the revealed word the perils of failing to adhere to formulas because they appear to be too simple, ‘way too many of us want to complicate and glorify the way and end up lost in the Mists of Darkness or shouting disparaging words from the balconies of the Great and Spacious building.

As he was nearing the end of his time on earth Nephi expounded on this wonderful gift concerning the open lines of communication between Heavenly Father and His mortal children.

And now, behold, my beloved brethren, I suppose that ye ponder somewhat in your hearts concerning that which ye should do after ye have entered in by the way. But, behold, why do ye ponder these things in your hearts?

Do ye not remember that I said unto you that after ye had received the Holy Ghost ye could speak with the tongue of angels? And now, how could ye speak with the tongue of angels save it were by the Holy Ghost?

Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore, they speak the words of Christ. Wherefore, I said unto you, feast upon the words of Christ; for behold, the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do.

Wherefore, now after I have spoken these words, if ye cannot understand them it will be because ye ask not, neither do ye knock; wherefore, ye are not brought into the light, but must perish in the dark.

For behold, again I say unto you that if ye will enter in by the way, and receive the Holy Ghost, it will show unto you all things what ye should do.
(2 Nephi 32: 1-5)

Another principle of which I have gained a great deal of certainty, is that if in all of those counselling sessions I had been wise enough to ask those I was with if they had inquired of the Lord, I might have had a better experience and for sure they would have received better guidance.



Saturday, April 28, 2018


Before reacting to a person’s tears – it is always best to know – whether they are shedding tears of happiness – or – tears of sadness!! ----- Before reacting to a person’s laugher – it is always best to know – whether they are laughing with you – or – about you!!

Friday, April 27, 2018


Unsought advice – more often than not – falls on deaf ears!! ----- Advice given when hurt – or – as an act of manipulation – or – in retaliation – should be – and – mostly will be rejected!! ----- One of the mysteries of life – is never knowing how much of an influence – we have had on another person!!

Thursday, April 26, 2018


Beware of the quiet person – when they finally speak – all the words which they have been keeping dammed up – may come flooding out!! ----- Neither the believer – nor the unbeliever – has the right to judge – the beliefs of their neighbor – to be wrong!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


There are people you meet – that you should make sure – you have sufficient free time – before you ask them – how they are!! ----- There are times – when the only excuse we have – for the dumb things we say – and – do – can only be blamed on ignorance – or innocence!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Too many times in our lives – we judge the words of another – based on our own biases – rather than – the meaning of their statements!! ----- Letting another person determine – your degree of happiness – results in a tremendous loss of agency!!

Monday, April 23, 2018


The degree to which one desires to live – according to the principles of Heavenly Father’s Plan – varies with each individual child – therefore – the degree of happiness each child enjoys – likewise varies!!

Sunday, April 22, 2018


One of life’s most difficult lessons for most people, and it seems to be a fact that there are many who never come to an understanding or at least their actions seem to indicate that is the case, is that of accepting responsibility and accountability for one’s actions.

There seems to be a deep-seated need, which probably comes from a deeper need to safeguard our self-worth, to sluff off responsibility and accountability on everything and everybody but ourselves. Parents, society, governments, school systems, employers, employees, the devil and every other identifiable entity including God are frequently invoked as the cause of our wrong decisions and inadequacies.

If we are not careful while studying Lehi’s dream and Nephi’s Spirit inspired additional insights, we could easily come to the conclusion that our path towards the tree of life is aided or hampered by two opposing influences: the one being all truth and righteousness springing from the Fountain of Living Waters and made available to us through the Rod of Iron (Inspired Writings) and the other represented by the Filthy Waters and the Mists of Darkness.

A more careful searching brings to light other powerful influences by which we will find ourselves acted upon by during our life: the one being the Great and Spacious Building which represents the pride, greed, vain ambitions and wisdom of the world and the other represented by Father Lehi who is a manifestation of those whom Isaiah identifies as Publishers of Peace.

We quickly learn that along with the Filthy Waters which have the purpose of drowning us in evil and the Mists of Darkness which would cause us to be lost and wander away from the Word of God, the dream also identifies those who have chosen to follow the natural inclinations of a telestial body and desire all to be like unto them.

Although the scriptures identify Satan as the author of the carnality and worldliness of those in the Great and Spacious building, the occupants therein are totally responsible and accountable for choosing to take up residence in that enormous facility.

Although the scriptures identify God as the author of the Plan of Happiness, Salvation and Exaltation, we also see in Lehi as he bids his children to hold to the Rod of Iron and bids them to come to the Tree of Life and partake of its fruit, the personification of those who become His disciples and choose to join the mighty army of Publishers of Peace.

One would think that even a casual reading of Lehi’s dream would move Heavenly Father’s children to choose to hold to the Rod of Iron and heed the loving beckonings of those who Publish Peace from the mountain; but alas, it is not so and in the end we will find all our efforts to shift the responsibility and accountability for our thoughts, words and actions onto any source other than ourselves, will hold as much validity as a bucket without a bottom holds water.

One of the principles which has become clear to me during my life, it that as important as it is to drink from the Fountain of Living Waters, hold fast to the Rod of Iron and safeguard from falling into the Filthy Waters or getting lost in the Mists of Darkness, it is likewise just as important to choose whether I wish to take up residency in the halls of the Great and Spacious Building or place my feet firmly upon the mountain with those who have chosen to Publish Peace.


You so pledge to:

Disrespect the Agency of others by dedicating yourself to bind and control their minds and actions.

Establish ranks of importance which result in divisions and create exclusion based on riches, race, philosophies, heritage or any other traits which can be identified and defined.

Exploit the weaknesses of the telestial body by glorifying those activities and consumptions which will lead to mental or physical addiction.

Dedicate yourself, your time, talents and resources to the destruction of the Saints of God or any who might be deluded by the words flowing from the Fountain of Living Waters.


You covenant to:

Become a preparer of the way dedicated to removing obstacles from the path of those who stumble.

Become a light for those who might temporarily be floundering in the mists of darkness.

Be willing to throw a life line into the filthy waters to rescue a drowning soul.

Become dedicated to establishing Zion by publishing the oneness of the inhabitants of the world and helping to do that is necessary for all to feel included.

Listen to the whisperings of the Holy Spirit and be willing to publish them to those who fall under your stewardship or to whom the Holy Spirit directs you to publish them.

Endure in your covenants to keep the commandments you have made to increase your effectiveness as a Publisher of Peace.

Maintain your publishing in accordance with the Plain and Precious Truths which come forth from the Fountain of Living Waters and are found in His Word.

Invite all to come unto The Lamb of God, The Son of The Eternal Father and The Savior of the World.

Even this slight expansion of our understanding from searching the Tree of Life Dream should help us to understand that the Light and Love of God which flows unto us from the Fountain of Living Waters and the expanded commissions we receive beyond holding to the Rod of Iron, avoiding drowning in the Filthy Waters and keep from straying into the Mists of Darkness, also include eschewing residency in the Great and Spacious Building and permanently planting our feet upon the mountain as a Publisher of Peace.

As I conclude this five week exploration of Lehi’s Tree of Life Dream I want to add a scripture from the 88th section of the Doctrines and Covenants verse 40.

For intelligence cleaveth unto intelligence; wisdom receiveth wisdom; truth embraceth truth; virtue loveth virtue; light cleaveth unto light; mercy hath compassion on mercy and claimeth her own; justice continueth its course and claimeth its own; judgment goeth before the face of him who sitteth upon the throne and governeth and executeth all things.

My prayer for all of us is that we will not weary in our quest to be ADDED UPON during this stage of our existence or throughout the eternities.



Saturday, April 21, 2018


The miraculous mercy of the judgements of Heavenly Father – comes upon us because He is Omniscience – making Him capable of judging – each of His children according to their individual – opportunity – knowledge – and – understanding!!

Friday, April 20, 2018


We would all achieve greater successes – if we approached all our tasks – with the same preparation – we would – if we were building – an eternal mansion!! ----- The reason there is so much diversity – in the quality of homes – and – mansions – is the same reason – there is such a variance – in fulfilling – even simple assignments!!

Thursday, April 19, 2018


The difference between – having an addiction – being obsessive – or – having a habit – may be how much of our agency has been sacrificed!! ----- Only when we remain free of addiction – obsessive behavior – or – habits – do we retain our agency!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


The ultimate evidence of lack of mercy – may be when we condemn a neighbor – for one wrong act – or – one thoughtless statement!! ----- The difference between – having an addiction – being obsessive – or – having a habit – may be whether it is my problem – or – my neighbors!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


When we are praising others – there is often a very thin line – between a genuine – and – a saccharin comment!! ----- There are times when the unwilling servant – who later reluctantly goes forth – may get more out of an assignment – than the servant who goes forth – immediately and joyfully!! ----- If we know we are going to fulfill an assignment – why not do it joyfully!!

Monday, April 16, 2018


Do you ever wonder – if your words were weighed – on the scale of justice – which way the scale would tilt!! Do you ever wonder – why so many of us think – it is such a great talent – to be able to point out the imperfections – of imperfect beings!!

Sunday, April 15, 2018


As we continue our learning examination of Lehi having his vision of life added upon because of his diligence in obeying the Lord, we find his son Nephi being moved to know more of his father’s dream and therefore goes forth to inquire of the Lord.

Because of the miraculous vision Nephi obtained we are left to conclude that he, like his father, fulfilled all the requirements needed to be blessed with additional light and knowledge.

Since we don't have any of father Lehi’s own writings of his dream of the Tree of Life, we cannot know whether the additional information Nephi gives us after being led through the dream by the Spirit of the Lord was also had by his father or not. What we do know is that we receive a much clearer understanding of the symbols of the dream because of Nephi’s heavenly interview.

As I outline the symbols of their dream, I have no desire to either change the teachings of the Spirit of the Lord to Nephi, or influence any insights those who are reading this Thought might have received, but I do feel a need to add some of my own personal understandings, which hopefully will add upon and not diminish.


I begin with this symbol because it is directly related to the theme we have been following concerning The Word of God and how His children can receive it during their mortal lives.

I have had an interesting personal journey with this symbol. I am absolutely convinced that holding fast to the Word of God in our lives is the safest and surest way to keep from straying from the gospel path.

Like so many I have met, I have also had periods of my life when I relied much more heavily upon one source of the Word of God over another. However, at this stage of my life I firmly believe in a much more inclusive library than I did as a youth.

I now believe the Word of God to be found in what is recognized as the Standard Works in the Restored Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and The Pearl of Great Price), but I also believe the Word of God is to be found in every word which flows from the inspired mouths of Apostles and Prophets and I believe the Word of God which comes to me when any of His children are moved upon and speak by the power of the Holy Spirit and I believe the Word of God to be those inspirational whisperings of the Holy Spirit which come when I am being added upon by personal revelation.

Because of the extensive additions which have taken place to the meaning of the Word of God during my earthly journey I am grateful that there has been a corresponding growth and strength to my being. I am grateful for hands which can grasp the rod with greater strength and feet which are planted more firmly upon the path and ears which listen more intently to the Word of God and eyes which see more clearly where my walk is leading.


I am sure it has been more than a majority of my life when I felt that this other reference to the Word of God was a bit redundant. Of course, I have always understood the Fountain of Living Waters were the source and the Iron Rod was what we already possessed, but a careful reading of Nephi’s account also tells us the Living Waters also represent the Love of God.

This reference to the Living Waters as the Love of God was one of the more significant added upon moments in my searching of the scriptures. I of a sudden realized that we did not need to wait until we reached the Tree of Life and partook of the Fruit thereon to feel of the Love of God. When the understanding that the Fountain is forever flowing finally penetrated into my mind, I also quickly understood that if I can become sensitive to it I can feel the Love of God fill my being during the journey to the Tree.

This was a very important revelation in my personal journey, because I had always wondered why my personal experiences fell short of the feelings I would read in the testimonies of The Psalmist, The Preacher and the Prophets. I was even more distraught when I would read of Saints who lived during periods when the fullness of the gospel was not on the earth who rehearsed with great fervor their sensations of feeling the Love of God flowing from the Fountain of Living Waters into their beings.

I am grateful for the moments of having this Living Water fill my soul with His love during those periods of my life when it was most needed.


There seems to be a similarity between the Love of God we feel which flows from the Fountain of Living Waters as it relates to the Love of God represented by the Tree of Life and the relationship between the Holy Spirit which is available to everyone who comes into mortality and one who receives the Gift of the Holy Ghost. The one seems to make occasional visits into our awareness while the other takes up permanent residency.

There have been moments when the Love of God has seemed to fill my soul to capacity, but regretfully, I still feel like most of the time I am still traversing the path leading to the Tree of Life. I know there is something I yet lack.


Once again we seem to have a redundancy when referencing the Love of God. However this time we have something which is ingested, nourishes us and becomes of permanency in our beings. The sadness which Lehi felt for Laman and Lemuel was not that they had approached the Tree, but that they refused to partake of the fruit.

There seems to be such a permanency to interaction with the Love of God for those who have come to the Tree of Life and actually partaken of the Fruit. I have come to the conclusion that when that happens, there will be no doubt in the recipients mind that they have been filled with the Love of God. I suspect it is much akin to The More Sure Word of Prophesy which seals one unto Eternal Life.


Many years ago I was presented with a copy of a painting by Arnold Freiberg which depicted his interpretation of Lehi’s Tree of Life Dream. The thing which struck me as being unique about this painting was that the Tree was in the middle of the painting and far in the distance was a glow which to me represented the Everlasting Light of Eternal Life, which is the ultimate destination.

This new perspective opened a wonderful understanding, into my mind, which helped me realize The Rod of Iron, The Fountain of Living Waters, The Tree of Life and the Fruit of the Tree which all represented the Love of God were the very means of our being aided by degrees in our return journey to the Fullness of His Love, which Lehi understood was that Joy which accompanies the overcoming of the Fall brought about by the agency of Mother Eve and Father Adam.

My exploration of Lehi’s Tree of Life Dream is about exhausted, but some of you may have noted I have yet to address the negative portion of his dream. Hopefully in the last installment of this continued Thought I will be able to explain why I have waited to the end to address the dark side of our attempts to understand the gift of continual Added Upon experiences during our lives.
To be continued)



Saturday, April 14, 2018


We become victims – when we allow our past failures – to define who we are!! ----- We gain control of our future – by not allowing past failures – to determine the decisions we make today!!

Friday, April 13, 2018


Sadly – a negative person – will never meet a person – without noticing their flaws!! ----- Sadly – a negative person – will never receive counsel from another – that has any value!!

Thursday, April 12, 2018


Sadly – a negative person – will probably never go on a trip – where everything went smoothly!! ----- Sadly – a negative person – will never read a book – which ended correctly!! ----- Sadly – a negative person – will never see a movie – that was as good as the book – which wasn’t all that great either!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


There are weeks – when the most exceptional thing that happens – is that nothing exceptional happened!! -----Sadly – a negative person – will probably never experience – a day with a perfect temperature ----- Sadly – a negative person will probably never have a meal – where everything on the menu – was properly prepared – and – tasted wonderful!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


There will always be truths – which we have come to know – because of the understanding – which has come from the Holy Spirit – which can only – come to be known as truth by another – if they hear the same whisperings!! ----- Perhaps the greatest hurdle – of gaining a testimony – of the existence of an Almighty God – is overcoming the belief – in our personal omniscience!!

Monday, April 9, 2018


2018: Having a better understanding of our royal eternal lineage – should make it easier – to be about our Father’s work – by helping our neighbor take steps – toward immortality – and eternal life!! ----- One of the most difficult concepts to explain – is the experience we have – when we receive inspiration from the Holy Spirit!!

Sunday, April 8, 2018


For behold, thus saith the Lord God: I will give unto the children of men line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little; and blessed are those who hearken unto my precepts, and lend an ear unto my counsel, for they shall learn wisdom; for unto him that receiveth I will give more; and from them that shall say, We have enough, from them shall be taken away even that which they have. (Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 28:30)

The Lord had decreed that it is not a lack of offering which limits His children from receiving His counsel and direction during mortality, but a lack of seeking.

In the beginning chapters of 1 Nephi we have witnessed Lehi’s receptiveness to the Lord’s commands and his diligence in fulfilling the Lord’s directions. After receiving the Lord’s command to leave Jerusalem, he took his family to the desert and dwelt in a tent. After receiving the Lord’s command to retrieve the Plates of Brass he sent his sons on their perilous mission. After being told the importance of his children having spouses Lehi had them return to bring Ishmael’s family into the desert.

Because of his faithfulness the Lord continued to fulfill the promise He made to reveal his precepts unto his children line upon line. As they hearken, lend an ear, learn wisdom, Lehi continues to be guided in his daily walk and blessed with knowledge of the mysteries of the Lord.

The formula seems so simple, but as we often find, many fail because of the easiness of the way.

There are times when we will receive direction without having asked

The majority of lines we receive from the Lord will come as a result of our asking

We must hearken to the directions of the Lord

Hearkening always requires lending a listening ear, but can also require an obedient action

Obedience could require the teaching of what we have learned, but could also require some physical action on our part.

The events portrayed in the life of Lehi in the introductory chapters of the Book of Mormon illustrate clearly this simple pattern working in his life.

BECAUSE Lehi has the vision of the destruction of Jerusalem revealed to him. He returns to his family and prepares them to abandon their properties and flee unto the desert.

BECAUSE of his obedience to those things revealed in his vision, Lehi is directed to have his sons return to Jerusalem to secure the Plates of Brass.

BECAUSE of his obedience in retrieving the Plates of Brass, Lehi is directed to have his sons return to Jerusalem to convince the family of Ishmael to also flee into the desert.

BECAUSE of his obedience in searching the Plates of Brass, Lehi is given the Tree of Life dream.

As part of the Tree of Life experience Lehi and Nephi have many marvelous lines and precepts revealed to them.

They are shown the destruction of the city of Jerusalem and the captivity of its inhabitants taken into Babylon. We find an account of these happenings in the writings of Ezekiel.

They are shown the Savior’s mortal mission which would take place 600 years after Lehi’s departure from Jerusalem. We find an account of these happenings in the Gospels of the New Testament and in 3 Nephi of the Book of Mormon.

They are given a prophetic outline of his descendants.
The Book of Mormon contains this history up until the year 421. We must rely on the discoveries of archeologist and historians for the rest of the history which Lehi received by revelation.

They are shown the coming of the Gentiles (Columbus) to the Americas and the subsequent interactions with their descendants.
We can read about the fulfillment of these in honest histories and daily newspapers.

They were shown the destruction of nations which would precede the second coming of the Lord. We can read about this on the internet or watch it unfold on the nightly news.

Although the formula is both universal and unlimited for the edification of His children during their mortal probationary period, we do receive some precautions along with the admonitions when we attempt to enjoy Lehi-like experiences in our lives.

There is the thing about patience

Behold, ye are little children and ye cannot bear all things now; ye must grow in grace and in the knowledge of the truth. (Doctrine and Covenants 50:40)

There is the thing about righteousness

And again, verily I say unto you, and I say it that you may know the truth, that you may chase darkness from among you; He that is ordained of God and sent forth, the same is appointed to be the greatest, notwithstanding he is the least and the servant of all.

Wherefore, he is possessor of all things; for all things are subject unto him, both in heaven and on the earth, the life and the light, the Spirit and the power, sent forth by the will of the Father through Jesus Christ, his Son. But no man is possessor of all things except he be purified and cleansed from all sin.
(Doctrine and Covenants 50: 25-28)

And he that repents not, from him shall be taken even the light which he has received; for my Spirit shall not always strive with man, saith the Lord of Hosts. (Doctrine and Covenants 1:33)

There is the thing about the Lord’s timetable

If thou shalt ask, thou shalt receive revelation upon revelation, knowledge upon knowledge, that thou mayest know the mysteries and peaceable things—that which bringeth joy, that which bringeth life eternal.

Thou shalt ask, and it shall be revealed unto you in mine own due time where the New Jerusalem shall be built.
(Doctrine and Covenants 42: 61, 62)

There is that other thing

Behold, you have not understood; you have supposed that I would give it unto you, when you took no thought save it was to ask me. But, behold, I say unto you, that you must study it out in your mind; then you must ask me if it be right, and if it is right I will cause that your bosom shall burn within you; therefore, you shall feel that it is right.
(Doctrine and Covenants 9: 7, 8)

In previous Thoughts I have pondered upon why we seem to be given such small glimpses of the Omniscient Knowledge of our Heavenly Father and as yet I have failed to find a better response than, are you yet as Lehi?

Therefore, although I have faith in the formula which worked so well in the lives of Lehi and Nephi, I also know that I yet lack the level of faith which activated the formula so powerfully in their lives.

(To be continued)



Saturday, April 7, 2018


Having a better understanding – of our royal lineage – should help us get over – most of the hurdles – we encounter in life!! ----- Having a better understanding – that a royal lineage – is shared by all the inhabitants of this earth – should help us overcome – all prejudices!!

Friday, April 6, 2018


There are only a few eternal stewardships – marriage – parenthood – priesthood – all other callings – and – stewardships – we may be privileged to be called to minister during mortality – begin their path toward releases – on the day of being sustained!!

Thursday, April 5, 2018


If you really want to blow your mind into oblivion – spend the following day – pondering how Heavenly Father’s Plan – equally provides – immortality – and – Eternal Life – to all His children!! ----- There is not a person – who has dwelt on this earth – who is not a child of Heavenly Parents – a spirit person – born of Eternal Royal Parents!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


If you want to have an entertaining day - which will probably end up with you being in a state of frustration – spend it pondering – on the diversity of paths – the children of Heavenly Father have walked upon – throughout their individual lifespans – and throughout history!!

Monday, April 2, 2018


When we are obedient – to the commandment – to invite one of our neighbors – to come unto Christ – the ultimate blessing may come from us being obedient – rather than from whatever decision our neighbor makes!! ----- Since my neighbor’s progress – is seldom part of my personal stewardship – I should be very cautious – about taking either the credit – or – the blame for their decisions!!

Sunday, April 1, 2018


There are few sections of scripture where we are able to gain the inexhaustible nature of the Lord’s attribute of Omniscience and how it includes all things past, present and future than in chapters 10 – 15 of 1 Nephi of the Book of Mormon.

Although I can verbalize the attribute of Omniscience my understanding is limited to how it works concerning things past and present, but the knowledge of things future remains as one of my personal mysteries and I must rely heavily upon my faith as I still lack knowledge.

As we examine Nephi’s writings we find that those things which in our current 21st century are now in our past were at the time of his writing still in the future. We also find there are things he wrote which are still yet to be.

One of the more remarkable ‘things yet to come’ which were revealed to Lehi and Nephi was the detailed account revealed to them surrounding the Savior’s earthly mission.

He was to be born of a virgin who was beautiful and fair above all others from the city of Nazareth.

This beautiful and fair virgin would become the mother of the Son of God the Eternal Father after the manner of the flesh.

He was given to understand this child was the Lamb of God, the Redeemer of the world who would be worshiped of men.

The Son of God is baptized by a prophet sent to prepare the way.

The Lamb of God would minister among men, organize His earthly kingdom, teach the essence of the gospel and perform miracles.

The Son of God would be judged, lifted upon a cross and slain for the sins of the world.

The reading of these words and making them part of our bulwark of faith requires faith that Nephi received the revelation 600 years before the events transpired and faith that the future records of those who recorded these events in real time or shortly after their occurrence was true.

As I mentioned earlier I don't pretend to know how the attribute of Omniscience works as to things pertaining to the future, but I do have a powerful testimony of how the Holy Spirit can give us an assurance of these events revealed to Lehi and Nephi.

We must have faith that Jesus the Christ and His Father have unlimited knowledge.

We must demonstrate our faithfulness to the understandings and covenants we have already been given.

Our petitions must be done in unwavering faith.

If and when we demonstrate to the Lord our faithfulness in listening, believing and harkening to his word an unlimited source of knowledge becomes a possibility.

The keys to the opening of the Omniscience of Heaven to mortals includes – the need for the fulfillment of a stewardship – the need for personal advancement – and – the need of understandings necessary for the salvation of others.

There is no doubt along with Lehi and Nephi, the latter day prophet of the restoration, Joseph Smith Jr., met all of these qualifiers during the fulfilling of his stewardship.
Besides marveling over the exactness of the vision opened to Nephi concerning the mortal life of the Lord, there is one teaching which on occasion I have had glimpses of understanding.

The angel who was acting as the revelator during Nephi’s vision asked Nephi if he understood the condescension of God, which seemed to have its significance in the birth of the Savior and the tree Lehi had seen in his vision.

The angel uses the words ‘love of God’ three times during this portion of the vision which, according to their manner of writing, gives the phase added significance.

As I have read the words of those Christian writers who wrote during the centuries following the death of the Apostles ordained by the Savior and the restoration of the fullness of the gospel, I find that they speak a great deal about feeling the ‘love of God’. My own experience in the Latter Day Church has been to hear more often the words ‘love for God’.

I am beginning to understand the difference between they who have the privilege of seeing beyond the glass darkly and those who do not has a great deal to do with not only gaining a ‘love for God’ during mortality, but receiving the communion of feeling the ‘love of God’.

As we further discuss the Tree in Lehi’s Dream in the continuance of our Thoughts on these wonderful chapters, pondering upon the significance of the difference between feeling ‘love for God’ and feeling the ‘love of God’ should be a constant part of our Thoughts.

(To be continued)