Sunday, August 25, 2013


Little could we have imagined when we got that greatest deal ever, on that number one fixer-upper, how much of our lives would be spent renovating the 4700 square foot ghetto and landscaping the half acre upon which it was constructed.

The mind is kind and shrinks life’s challenging experiences into manageable memories. However, if I allow myself, I can still visualize the back yard where there was a pile of broken boards where horses were once kept, bonfire pits, twenty plus trashy elms which had to be cut down and removed, and a barren space which we couldn't allow our children to play in because of the abundance of broken glass. I can remember having to seal off all but about 1000 square feet of the house. We spent a few years kind of camping out in the rest of the house consisting of one bedroom, a run-down old service station looking bathroom, an area we called the dorm where our 6 children slept, a kitchen which would have been condemned by every inspector and a living area where we spent most of our at home time, while I tore the insides of the rest of the house apart and rebuilt it room by room.

Standing on the front lawn looking at the freshly painted, newly roofed house which we had for 14 years lovingly called home and jokingly called the ghetto. I audibly sighed, ‘Never Again.’

If we learn by our mistakes and difficulties I am sure there was enough learning taking place during those 14 years to last me through this life time and several more.

For multiples of that 14 year period that we were entangled in our ‘Never Again’ dream house, I have been involved in the renovation of people lives, both my own and the meaningful others that my family, church and occupational contacts have made part of my life. Innumerable times I have sat in sessions discussing decisions which had made temporary and sometimes permanent shambles to lives. Almost as often I have reminisced about the joy which comes from starting anew and how it could be hastened had we all just firmly resolved and continued in a state of ‘Never Again.’

How much time, money and hurt would be saved by the addicted having firmly decided and determinedly lived lives of ‘Never Again?’

How many families would be able to enjoy harmonious happy hours together, if conflicting members had forgivenly decided, ‘Never Again?’

How much stronger would neighborhoods, communities and nations be if contentious parties decided to bring about resolution of problems by doing what is right rather than in their own self-interest and determined to live lives of ‘Never Again?’

How many scenes of blood and horror would be dissipated if nations honorably decided and determinedly lived the creed of ‘Never Again?’

Alas, and for a semblance of peace of mind, long ago I came to realize there is little that can be done by an outside influence to change the choices and activities of the inhabitants of our world.

But, wondrous glory, I also know there is a great deal each of us can do to improve the quality of our own lives.

The key to change from sadness to joy in all of our lives, transforming negatives into positives, may lie in our ability to become practitioners in the philosophy of ‘Never Again.’


  1. Que lindo mensaje para comenzar el dia. Estoy solo en la oficina. No ha llegado nadie aun. Asi que pude disfrutar su mensaje en el espiritu indicado para recibir la inspiracion necesaria para enfrentar este nuevo dia. Muchas gracias presidente. Lo llevo en mi corazon.

    Un abrazo.

    Juan Carlos Rebolledo.

  2. Gracias bill por tomar de su tiempo y compartir sus sentimientos con todos nosotros. Aunque nunca los comento quiero decirle que los leo y disfruto. Siga adelante y le deseo muchas bendiciones.

    Orlando Torrres

  3. gilberto antonio valencia Quiceno

    hno william gracias mil gracias nuevamente por sus mensajes tan inspiradores, he salido de una cirugia de un tumor gastrico y durante el tiempo que duro la anestesia a la cual la llamo cariñosamente el sueño de la muerte, pude entrar al mundo de la oscuridad y las tinieblas ,al despertar vino a mi mente un llamado imperioso de testificar del amor de DIOS para con todos los hombre y mujeres, de su misericordia y compasion, de su mano milagrosa y bondadosa, de su Hijo amado, Nuestro Redentor y Salvador, JESUCRISTO, que pago el precio de la EXPIACION , para que con una actitud de arrepentimiento sincero y obediencia a sus mandamientos podamos regresar de nuevo a nuestro HOGAR CELESTIAL.

    un abrazo.

    mi hno.

    gilberto antonio valencia Quiceno

  4. Brother Riley,

    I think I remember the house if it was the one after 7th street in Reno. This was a great blog. I love your blogs and read them every week.

    Wayne Lund


  5. Muy buen mensaje hermano ,como siempre .gracias por que son de gran ayuda para mi y tambien para poder compartir con las demas personas,

    un abrazo afectuoso.

    Marta Cristina Mujica

  6. Wonderful message as usual. Thanks Brother Riley.

    Nancy Sutherland

  7. Thank you, thank you!

    I am your age and have done the renovating projects. Not nearly as extensive J.

    I appreciate your analogy… Never Again!

    Thank you for the time you spend, your devotion to the Gospel.

    With sincere appreciation,

    Karen Perkins

  8. ---Buenas Noches Hermano.........

    Hay tanta razon en este mensaje...........todo seria muy diferente si como seres humanos fueramos menos complicados..........seguro el mundo seria un mejor lugar para vivir...........pero como usted termina el la paz interior la que debemos buscar......

    muchas gracias

    clarita torres gonzales

  9. gMuchas gracias gran reflexión.

    gladys pimentel

  10. Que linda historia...


    Diego Fajardo

  11. My dear Brother Riley:

    How much I appreciate your wisdom and thought. Somehow, our Heavenly Father seems to give me my answers through you.

    Every time your words and advice seems to come at the very right time for me to make a choice or decision.

    Thank you for being so inspired and continue to touch the lives of other by sharing your thoughts.

    I wish you would continue to teach us in a classroom again. I miss the friends and you in that neat environment which we can share our thoughts and a haven for me.

    Love always my mentor,

  12. Patricia Walters

    good morning Bro Geezer! I have spent a good share of 2 days reading past "Thoughts For a Sabbath Day", and am in awe of your abilities, both in your writing & the depth of your understanding of HF. I vividly remembered what a fine teacher you are, but part of that ability includes your charisma, your personality. That even shows through in your writing. Have you thought of compiling a book of your essays? I believe it would be well received! On a different-sort of-subject: You mentioned your quest of reading the Classics. I'm wondering what you are reading now, & what you consider the most important book you have read? Standard Works obviously. What else? As I spend much of my time w/my legs elevated & I detest TV for the most part, I am always interested to know what Readers read! Sorry-long winded-A curious nature is what keeps me in touch with the world these days. Hope your trip home was better. Best to both you & Kathleen!


    Patricia Walters

  13. We all have "never agains" in our lives...thanks goodnes when lessons are truly learned, and we face the new ones more positively!
    23 hours ago·

    I have vowed to catch up on past messages that I had not the time to ponder and respond to. Your thoughts are so appreciated, even if not responded to right away. Thanks for continuing in your good works!

    Jean Seavey

  14. Ola williamde donde eres,y que haces.
    Yo soy de acacias ,y soy comerciante independiente,y te deseo los mejores Éxito en tu vida, te invito a que veas este vídeo y lo analizes ,para invitarte a desarrollar este modelo de negocio que nos cambia nuestro estilo de vida a nivel integral.
    Espero seguir comunicando.

    Jaime Enrique Beltrán Prieto