Sunday, December 14, 2014


I have always been drawn to the mellower sounds of music. In my classical likings I much prefer the sweeter sounds of Verdi to the heaviness of Wagner. Zamfir hums to my soul with greater resonance than Armstrong.

Yes, and I can even say that I much preferred the calmness of the crooning of Nat King Cole to most of the ranting’s of the Beatles. Therefore, it should not surprise those who share my musical tastes, and maybe my time frame, that there was a time when a group of Brigham Young University singers, who called themselves the Lettermen, gained the status of ‘favorite of mine’ during my third and fourth decades of life.

The Lettermen had a very popular rendition of “I Believe” which I enjoyed because of its mellowness, but also because of the message it contained. The words of the verse reminded us of how things created testify and bear witness of the Creator.

Every time I hear a newborn baby cry
Or touch a leaf
Or see the sky
Then I know why, I believe…

In a very similar manner, I am grateful that the symbols found in the stories of the birth of the Christ Child are a natural part of our daily lives. They become constant and continual reminders that the Savior of the world has come to earth.

Unlike our varying tastes in music, the events of the Savior’s birth are timeless and cross cultures in such a way that they can bring understanding to all who see and hear.

Even a casual glace at the status updates on Face Book should be enough to remind us that the coming of a newborn baby is such a joyous and oft-repeated miracle, that with no effort at all, we can daily recall our memories of the miraculous birth of the Christ Child.

Likewise, social media frequently inundates us with sights and sounds of contented animals as they receive loving attention and the simplest of life’s necessities, which can, if we so desire, bring to remembrance the circumstances of that eventful night. That night when the King of Kings was born into the world in the company of the humblest of His creations.

The changing, wondrous mixture of clouds, sunlight and moisture which fill our days and the moon lit night's which make heavy our eyelids, should stir our souls into daily remembrance of the Creator born into the world as the Christ Child.

We can be reminded on those rare night's when nearsighted suburban dwellers escape the interfering illumination of city lights and when they can enjoy the brilliant array in the heavens as far off stars show their luster. With just a little imagination we can once again be with the centuries of mariners and explorers who used these special beacons to take them to their desired destinations, much like those ancient Wise men from the east used that special singular star to guide them to Bethlehem.

The shepherds minding their flocks were privileged to hear and see the heaven-sent hosts proclaiming the one time great event. In like manner, as we go about our various vocations, we should understand that even in the pursuit of one’s temporal welfare we can be in tune to spiritual messages of inspiration and joy.

Gifts were brought and laid beside the manger, bringing happiness to giver and receiver. Opportunities abound in our lives where we can be strengthened and reminded through the same soul-building process of being a generous giver and a reverent receiver.

Christmas coming only once a year may be a catchy phrase which plays on our minds. But our wise and Eternal Father seems to have directed the events of His Son’s birth in such a way that those who diligently seek would find a constancy of reminders of the Christ Child’s birth surrounding them.

Every time I hear a newborn baby cry
Or touch a leaf
Or see the sky

Every time they see the first star bright
Or hear the lowing of a lamb
Or touched by inspiration’s insight

Every time a candle is blown
Or gifts are opened
Or I greet a new day
Then I know why, I believe…

Every day, in every way and in every place, I am reminded once again that Mary did indeed find favor and the Christ Child which is the Savior, Creator and Lord was born that day, and brought the message of good tidings, the way of great joy, the hope of peace on earth, and the admonition that we are to have good will to toward men.

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