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It seems that few days go by when we aren’t introduced to a new ‘Comic Book Super Hero’. Come to think of it – ‘Comic Book Super Hero’ might be one of the 21st century’s greatest oxymoronic statements.

When I was of what was in those days considered to be the age of comic book collecting and comic books only cost 10 cents, there were only a handful of Super Heroes. They overcame strange evil creatures in dark and shadowy cities, while the majority of the books on the racks at the corner drug store were brightly colored and comedic.

I am grateful that I had my formative years when life was simplistic and the world and its inhabitants were generally viewed in positive ways. I remember one of the most frequent reprimands I received during those long ago days was ‘if you don't have something positive to say, it is better to say nothing at all.’

It may have been during graduate school that I became indoctrinated about the ‘value’ of doubt and skepticism. This philosophy, insisted that you could not really do a scholarly examination of any subject unless you entered the investigation questioning the validity of those who had studied in that discipline previously.

There must have been some of the era of when comic books were really comedic left in me, which caused me to think that greater progress could be made by building upon another’s foundation rather than spending my limited mortal existence tearing down all they had done and starting afresh.

Because of my skepticism about the philosophy of scholarly skepticism, I have spent most of my adult life seeing the glass half full, the silver lining in most every cloud, flowers standing brightly among the weeds and, most importantly, more good in people than bad.

This is a rather lengthy and wordy way of introducing you to one of the prominent themes which occurs in the Guessoirs I am writing about my life. (I find that at this time of my life, Guessoirs is a much more accurate description of what I am writing than Memoirs)

Anyway, in my Guessoirs over and over again I find that I am writing about the Real Super Heroes who have been influential in my life. I have been extremely grateful that in all cases these heroes have brightened my life with lively and vibrant colors and have not dragged me into dark and dreary surroundings.

Although I have used their proper names in my Guessoirs I will refer to them in this Thought by category, since most, if not all of them, prefer to work without letting the left hand know what the right hand has done.


With the ever extending expectancy of life, the time we spend in our parents’ home becomes a smaller percentage of the life span of each new generation. Although, if the cost of a college education continues to rise and the percentage of couples getting married continues to decrease that trend could easily be reversed.

Nevertheless, the information implanted on our personal hard drives, while our parents sustain and tutor us, seems to be the most easily accessed during the entire span of our lives.

Gratefully, in my case this set of heroes implanted positive and everlasting principles which have provided a base which was firm and easy to build upon and which has enriched and filled my life with joy.


Although, I sometimes feel like an endangered species, and encounter fewer of my kind with each passing year, I have had the blessing of having but one spouse whose constant companionship now spans 5 ½ decades.

Trying to count the influence she has had on my temporal and eternal existence would be in the same category of tasks as trying to count the stars in the heavens or the grains of sand on the shores of this marvelous planet. But, to think that she has not been the sculptor of the rough clay and smoothed the edges of the figure, and continues to polish and finish that which I am and that which I am to be, would be unthinkable and a considerable miscalculation.

The world does not contain enough treasures to repay her for who she is and what she has done. Yet, for all her Super Hero efforts all she seems to need is that I love her.


We were fortunate to have six, but no matter the number of bobbles we have on our charm bracelets, it would be well for all of us to count them among the most super of our Super Heroes.
Long ago, she who has been my constant Super Hero taught me, ‘that it is the parent who is learning their eternal role, not the child.’

Therefore, when we are counting our children as Super Heroes we are likewise recognizing our Heavenly Father in that role also. After all, He has entrusted us with his greatest treasure, His Eternal Children.
There will be no greater theater for learning the role of Eternal Parenting than in the home which has been blessed with a quiver full of offspring.

Patience, love, faith, discipline, dedication, service and sincerity would be just the beginning of the lengthy list of attributes which are introduced and amplified because we are blessed with the stewardship of caring for our Heavenly Parents’ children.

We should all be grateful to our Super Hero children who yield themselves as object lessons as we learn the precepts of that one talent which will travel with us into the eternities.


I suppose that in my Guessoirs this category fills more pages than any other group. It would have been easy to label this group as ‘all others who have touched my life’. And, I would have committed a tremendous omission if I did not at least recognize their influential existence.

The sad thing about them being included in my Guessoirs and not by name in this writing is that few, probably only my immediate family will ever know them individually as Super Heroes in my life. But, as I previously mentioned anonymity is their universal preference. Since my progeny know few of them personally they will have an interesting anonymity to them as well.

My first recollection of a significant Super Hero in this category started when I was in the second grade and the list continues to be added upon as I speed rapidly through my 8th decade of mortality.

They have taught, corrected, mentored, comforted and served. This quick mention seems such a small token for the mountainous heap they have added to my pile. But, there is little doubt that what they have been and are to me could fill volumes and will be part of me forever.

I am sure that you will never find my Super Heroes on a shelf in a comic book store or in anyone’s collection of comic books, but, I have them chronicled in the archives of my soul and their influences are indelibly imprinted on my character.

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