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3. Service/Compensation

Although one wouldn't think of this as such a difficult attribute to achieve, because we live our mortal lives surrounded by the propaganda of Telestial minds, in reality it is one of the most challenging hurdles we will have to overcome on our way to becoming a candidate for membership in a Zion Society.

The description of the Telestial mind includes the dominant attitude which was introduced by Cain, that being, we must get all the stuff we can no matter how we obtain it, or who we have to destroy in our quest, and only then will we be able to consider our time on earth as being successful.

If we work really hard to overcome the propaganda of the Secret Society built on Satan’s philosophies and manage to change our character to that of a Terrestrial mind, we will have arrived at the level where we live according to such laws as the ‘worker is worthy of his hire’ and ‘for every day’s pay one should give an honest 'day’s work.’ and ‘reward and honor should be given to those who have paid the price.’

I suspect I should pause for a collective gasp followed by a universal exclamation of ‘what’s wrong with that?’ To which I hastily reply, nothing, but it is not the principle upon which a Zion Society can be built.

Only when the sole motivation for everything we do is to serve others, because our souls have been changed and governed by Charity, will we be eligible to become part of a Zion Society.

Personal Challenges: Seek for and actuate opportunities to serve without expectation of compensation – Pray for Eternal intervention so that my heart can be changed and that I will have a Christ like love for others.

4. Kinship/Bigotry

I am sure it started with the earth’s earliest inhabitants, and continues in evidence on the planet at the time of this writing. The world has always been made up of ‘them’ and ‘us.’ Therefore, the only logical solution to the problem has dominantly been to illuminate or enslave ‘them,’ so that those like ‘us,’ can have a life free of the unenlightened.

The only trouble is that ‘them’ keep propagating faster than ‘us’ can destroy them. During those few moments throughout the millenniums’ of man’s history when for a brief instant we paused in the elimination of ‘them’ and examined the similarities ‘them’ had with ‘us’ we usually ended up propagating a new and better although mongrel variety of ‘them/us.’

Someday, and obviously before a Zion Society can have any hope of existing on this sphere, all of the ‘them/us’ mongrels who inhabit the earth will have to be converted, convinced and committed to the doctrine that we all have the same Universal Heavenly Father and we all have a common beginning of existence to our mortal ancestral lines.

Personal Challenges: Stop looking for the differences in my fellow sojourners and accept the sameness which we share – Return to the old school custom of referring to those I meet and greet as Brothers and Sisters – Pray for illuminating understanding for all of Heavenly Fathers children who are co-habitating this beautiful planet with me.

5. Duty/Obligation

With this particular attribute the subtleties may have a very narrow range and I am pretty sure the differences might ultimately end up being one of those semantical exercises.

Anyway, personally, I believe that those things we do which fall into the category of duty, we involve ourselves in because in our hearts we feel it is the correct thing to do and love is somehow that which motivates us to action.

On the other hand, I believe that those things we do which fall into the obligation camp, we do because we have to, not necessary because we want to and many times we do them because we have no other choice.

Personal Challenges: Allow God’s love to overpower me in such a way that I will be motivated by love in the doing of more of my daily tasks.

6. Dominion/Domination

Before you get all over me with a Latin language root lesson – let me hasten to explain – When the Lord gave Adam Dominion over the animals, the word had to do with caring for them as the Lord (Domino) would care for them. When we use the word domination – it has the connotation of controlling another.

There is little doubt that in a Zion Society we are meant to care for one another according to our abilities. Likewise, there seems to be little need for a person who is in a position of control over others.

One of my favorite titles of those who reside as equals in a Zion Society is Servant Steward. What a wonderful concept that title conjures up in the mind. Whatever and where ever my stewardship falls, the key to success is service.

Personal Challenges: Really believe and act like I am in a world made up of equals –in all relationships strengthen, edify and build rather than weaken, lessen and destroy.

7. Selflessness/Selfishness

I have to thank Neal A. Maxwell for adding selflessness to my vocabulary. It is indeed a wonderful word and fits so well at the other end of a continuum from selfishness.

Just as charity cannot co-exist with greed nor love with hate, selflessness cannot co-exist with selfishness. Also, it is much like the pregnant thing. You just can't be a little bit selfless or a little bit selfish. Sadly, it is an all or nothing thing.

I am sure that the reason Hugh Nibley rejected all forms of government short of a Theocracy was because all ‘isms’ are built on some level of selfishness. Therefore, a Zion Society will only be established when selflessness becomes the absolute dominant way of life.

Personal Challenges: Eliminate my propensity to be selfish – inculcate selfless actions into my life.

A final word!

After all the talk of how individuals need to put on the attributes, characteristics and actions of a Zion person, we must always remember that the goal is to establish a Zion Society, not just a Zion person.

Therefore, I cannot do it without this being your quest and sadly, you cannot do it without it being mine.

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