Sunday, February 7, 2016


I know I am embarking on this Thought with an oversimplified concept, but many times that is the path I find easiest to walk upon.

It is possible we could put the significant leaders who have caused historically great movements in two camps. For this Thought I will label the camps – Famous and Infamous.

In the camp of the Infamous we will find those who have gained their notoriety though cruel and inhuman acts. Few can deny that Genghis Kahn and Hitler will remain in infamy because of their disregard for human life and human rights.

In the camp of the Famous we will find those who have broken down barriers of bigotry and bias and sought to establish brotherhood and kindness. Among those who come to mind are Abraham Lincoln (Yes I know he was prominent in the bloodiest war of all time) and Martin Luther King they will retain their eminence because of their concern for human life and human rights.

One of the great ironies of the chronicles of the inhabitants of this planet is that Jesus the Christ gained his Fame in part because of the Infamous acts of those who brought about his death. And by that very act they opened up Life Everlasting to all, including those who had ended his physical life.

Unlike the major characters of our world who have become Famous or Infamous during their allotted days or even He who has had the leading and climatic role on life’s stage most of us will spend our lives in minor rolls and will never find our names in lights or on bill boards. Future students may never be required to memorize dates and places about our time on stage. Books may never be written containing the lines we spoke or meaningful passages of our wisdom memorized for commencement speeches.

What roles we play in life and the few who might retain a remembrance of the background parts we played will have less to do with what we might have said or done (whether we were Famous or Infamous), but more with how we treated those with whom we treaded the boards.

What will be written upon their hearts, never to be found in any text book, but will be of eternal personal significance, I am convinced will be the product of how we can answer the following questions:

Do I determine the worth of another actor by the pigmentation of their skin?

Do I determine the worth of another actor by the social class they were born into or have risen to in life?

Do I determine the worth of another actor by the height of material stuff they have accumulated?

Do I determine the worth of another actor by the color of the flag they hold?

Do I determine the worth of another actor by the political or philosophical views they hold?

Do I determine the worth of another actor by the attitude others have toward them?


Do I consider all actors children of the same Eternal Parents?

Do I serve the Savior unaware as I feed the hungry actors and clothe naked actors?

Do I consider that with which I have been blessed as a stewardship to be used to help the widowed actors and the orphaned actors?

Do I allow all actors the privilege of finding the Light and help them when they stumble in the dark?

Do I give all actors the opportunity to help me understand who they are?

Do I understand that in the Kingdom of God there are no borders which separate actors?

One of the Famous prophets in the Book of Mormon, Nephi, reminded us all ‘the Lord inviteth all to come unto Him and partake of His goodness; and He denieth none that come unto Him, black and white, bond and free, male and female and He remembereth the heathen; and all are alike unto God, both Jew and Gentile.’ (2 Nephi 26:33)

As we strive to turn our insignificant roles of life into roles demanding Divine Natures, hopefully we will learn that unless we know how to interact with one another in humane ways regardless of race or riches, caste or citizenry, education or evaluation; there is little chance that we will break down the barriers of bigotry which destroy the potential of actors and perpetuate the long playing production directed by the evil one.

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